Tweeting for a Treat

Twitter campaignRecently ‘Electric Ireland’ cleverly engaged consumers at one of the largest tech and business event in Dublin by opening a free ‘Tweet Café’ that encouraged event goers to tweet for a treat!

The large electricity and gas supplier from Dublin was looking for an innovative way to engage the tech savvy audience attending the Dublin Web Summit as well as a unique way to promote their stand.

The idea is simple – There’s 24 locked boxes containing 24 different premium snacks and beverage treats. By tweeting ‘#TweetCafe’ with the door number of the desired treat your order is added to the queue. When your orders ready, your twitter profile is displayed and the box is unlocked to reveal your treat!

It’s a unique idea that saw the electricity company stand out at a competitive tech and business event. The ‘tweet for a treat’ idea stimulated discussion throughout the crowds and created an organic buzz both at the event and online. The Tweet café proved to be a great creative idea that stimulated positive WoM.

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