Tweet to Eat With Walkers

UK brand, Walkers Crisps, added a clever twist to their latest sampling campaign by creating the first ever Twitter vending machine. Located at three bus shelters across London, Gary Lineker (the face of the brand for over 20 years) virtually sits in the machines and delivers crisps to the customers who tweet it.

A part of Walkers’ long-running ‘Do us a flavour’ campaign, the vending machines dispensed the top 6 flavours, as voted by the UK general public, on Walkers’ mission to find a brand new flavour to release.

Using social media as the catalyst for a sampling campaign is no new feat, however creating such an interactive experience off the back of an existing consumer-led contest is a really intuitive way to increase brand affinity and further consumer involvement.

No doubt the campaign cost Walkers a lot of $, but there will be significant value in the awareness reached for the 6 finalist flavours, as well as increased hype at the crucial, final stage of the ‘Do us a flavour’ campaign.

As sampling campaigns become more and more common, brands will need to take a leaf out of Walkers’ book to ensure they’re being creative and innovative, as this is what will drive consumers to spread the word and interact with a campaign.



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