Turkish Airlines is ‘Globally Yours’


With the claim ‘Globally Yours’, Turkish Airlines have put their money where their mouth is. In partnership with GenArt fashion influencers, media and philanthropists were flown across Africa to promote Turkish Design on an international stage.

With over 15 years of experience in discovering and showcasing emerging talent in the USA, GenArt decided to expand globally. Their first international foray focused on the emerging talent of Nairobi fashion, art and film in Kenya. In the spirit of cultural exchange, Turkish Airlines flew the final designer, selected by GenArt, to New York and Los Angeles to showcase their collection.

As well as highlighting their route to Nairobi, Turkish Airlines were aligning themselves with an arbiter of new design talent – GenArt.

The alignment with fresh new design is a great angle for Turkish tourism – especially for a country that’s been struggling to portray an identify that’s equally modern and traditional. Word of mouth played an important role in the campaign – by including key ‘influencers’ as part of the convoy to Africa key messages were projected in a way that built credibility at a grassroots level.


The Turkish Airlines campaign is a great example of how big brands can incorporate influencers into campaigns, and harness their voice, to broadcast their message to a targeted and ready-to-listen audience.


Sofie Ehrlich

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Sofie is an Account Executive at Contagious Agency. Sofie likes: food, travel, new things, anything kitsch, stripes, online shopping Sofie dislikes: being out of the loop, being hungry
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