True Influencers in Action


In our business, the term influencer gets thrown around a lot. Clients often expect us to recruit The Bondi Hipsters, the Michelle Briggs types, or a team of Terry Duraks to bring their WOMM campaign to life. But when it comes down to it, how much true influence are these people having on the consumer’s final purchase decision? Not as much as you’d think.

In reality, research shows it’s the people closest to you who have the greatest impact. Marriott Hotels & Resorts have recognized this insight & shifted their marketing strategy as a result (bravo Marriott!).

Following a global ethnographic study, Marriott have reported that the family cohort is changing. Travel planning is now led by children. Marriott’s study found that kids have a growing impact on how and where families plan their upcoming holidays. A key reason for this shift is that children are so tech-savvy these days; kids today are literally serving suggestions to their parents based on research they have found online. These suggestions are the core influential factor that is now shaping holiday plans.

Marriott Hotels & Resorts are recognizing this shift, and adapting to it. Brian King, Marriott’s Global Brand Officer says their content is now developed with kid influencers in mind – it’s becoming bite-sized, more relevant and designed to appeal to a far wider range of users.

Well done Marriott for acknowledging these real influencers and adjusting your marketing strategy accordingly.

Marni Nemeny

About Marni Nemeny

Marni is a Business Director at Contagious. Marni Likes: reading restaurant reviews, creative brainstorms, Pictionary and keeping things simple Marni Doesn't Like: stop-overs, being bored, missing out on the NEXT BIG THING, yoghurt covered sultanas
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