Troy Library Book Burning Campaign

Word of Mouth Campaign - Troy LibraryAn outrageous hoax  ‘Book Burning Campaign’ was created in an effort to create consumer word of mouth and ultimately save a Public Library in Troy, Michigan. The Library was set to close due to the collapsing economy with the only proposed solution a 0.7% tax increase to keep it open.

In a risky and bold move, a hoax online campaign was created to celebrate the library’s closure culminating in a book burning party. The campaign resulted in thousands of book-lovers coming together to fight for the library to remain open. Outraged by the idea of a book burning party, consumers passionately voted for the library to stay open regardless of a tax increase.

Due to the sheer number of yes votes, the Library has survived the tax increase and now has a large number of avid fans.

This forward thinking campaign demonstrates the power of word of mouth and how an online community can have a tangible impact on a political vote.

You can watch the campaign video below.

Zoe Boalch

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Zoë Boalch is co-founder of Contagious Agency. Zoë likes: hot chili, yoga, learning new stuff, positive people, taking risks Zoë dislikes: naysayers, grumpy people, rather large egos
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