The Evolution of Influencer Marketing in Australia

You won’t be surprised to hear that Influencer Marketing is a core passion of ours here at Contagious. This past month we’ve put the Aussie evolution of Influencer Marketing under the microscope by garnering insights from marketeers around the country. The responses of 110 Australian marketers from a variety of categories (FMCG, Alcohol, Retail, Pharmaceutical) were collated and a number of key findings were obtained:

  • 85% of marketers have used a free product to incentivise an Influencer
  • Engagement is the key Influencer Marketing metric for 40% of Australian marketers
  • 78% of marketers allocate $50,000 or more to Influencer Marketing each year
  • 82% of marketers are planning to maintain or increase their Influencer Marketing budget in the next 12 months
  • 96% of marketers are somewhat or very likely to conduct Influencer Marketing in the future

Prior to this report, the bulk of research analysing Influencer Marketing was international, leaving Australia’s channel uptake insight a little hazy. However, with the report identifying over 75% of marketers having conducted Influencer Marketing in the last financial year, it’s safe to say it’s hit the mainstream.

In addition to these findings, our report revealed the core objective among respondents for conducting an Influencer campaign was “education” & “shifting perceptions”.

Zoe Boalch (Contagious’ Strategic Director) commented: “I’m not surprised that marketers are intuitively using Influencer Marketing as an education tool because this is one of the innate benefits of this channel. Compared to the more traditional ATL methods – there’s more scope to communicate benefits & shift perceptions via in-depth recommendations.”

The report also examines marketers’ perspectives on the effectiveness of the channel. Results identify Influencer Marketing as the third most effective channel after TV and Facebook Advertising (ahead of Out Of Home, Radio and  Digital Media).

In a nutshell, the future looks bright for Influencer Marketing and we’re excited to be heading along for the ride.

A full copy of our report can be downloaded here

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