The New DMZ App turning photo sharing into WOM gold

ThumbleDigital Media Zone (DMZ), a Toronto based start up, has announced their soon-to-be launched photo sharing app, Thumble. Customers and businesses can now work together to create WOM through a reward-based system.

The concept of Thumble is simple. An individual is rewarded for posting about their experience of businesses online. For example, someone might go into a business such as a restaurant, take a picture of their meal, and share it online. While today this may sound like standard restaurant-going activity (thank you Instagram), the twist is that Thumble now offers a perk or incentive to the individual as a kind of ‘payment’ for this promotion. Perks come in many shapes and sizes including discounts or free product which users can unlock and redeem immediately.

While users are busily redeeming their perks, invaluable word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is being generated for businesses by customers who are essentially becoming brand ambassadors online.

This type of reward-based system is something that is becoming more and more prevalent with the recognition of WOMM becoming the most trusted form of media. A system of synergy that rewards continual WOM is surely something neither side can complain about.


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