It’s What Puts the Glory in Gloria

How do you give the National Soccer team back their pride and glory when an entire country no longer believes in them?

Colombian brand, Telefonica Telecom set out to show the country that they believed the team were still full of glory, by putting out an open call to any women named Gloria. Over 10,000 Glorias showed up in less than 4 hours and ‘Club Gloria’ ignited a national movement.

An entire day was dedicated to the name and game of soccer. The women took over, showing their love and devotion to their soccer team. The ‘Glorias’ then featured in a massive multimedia campaign across the country and national pride increased exponentially.

From a WoM perspective Telefonica made each individual woman become a symbol of optimism and pride. They created a team that was all about unity and celebration, empowering the Glorias to raise their voices and support their national team. By aligning themselves with a team of advocates who were shouting a strong emotional message about national pride, Telefonica were able to build grassroots WoM in a community-centered way. The team of ‘Glorias’ brought the country together in a memorable and emotional campaign, demonstrating the power of a united voice.


Sofie Ehrlich

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