Ted Baker to Break North American Market With New Influencer Campaign

Luxury British clothing brand, Ted Baker, has engaged influential Instagram stars to feature in their new North American-specific campaign, ‘Ted Baker’s Explorer Club’, in a bid to increase awareness of the brand in the US.

Since launching in the UK, Ted Baker has consistently strayed away from traditional advertising approaches, dismissing TV, print and out-of-home in favour of word of mouth and digital initiatives.

With the ever-increasing popularity of Instagram, it makes for the perfect platform for Ted Baker’s break into the North American fashion market. It’s visually engaging and successful at delivering the brand’s core values.

Featuring six high-reaching travel photographers, ‘Ted Baker’s Explorer’s Club’ sees them capturing “incredible sites of wonder” across North America, sharing their photos to Instagram and hashtagging #TedBakerAW15.

Craig Smith, Ted Baker’s global brand communication director, hopes that the campaign will increase engagement with both existing fans and their previously untouched audience. By aligning Ted Baker with excitement and innovation, Smith believes the North American audience will become more aware of the brand and its unique position in the market.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the pro-WOM Ted Baker.


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