Tech news: Round up

This month there have been a few interesting developments in the land of digital. So rather than focusing on just one, here’s my take on two recent conversation-worthy tech-related innovations & revelations…

Keepio; connecting through collecting

Social sharing start upEarlier this week I came across new start-up (and winner of the imedia Next Wave competition last month) Keepio. In a world where ‘sharing’ & ‘connecting’ is now paramount, Keepio have recognised that “a quality recommendation from people we know goes a long way”. The insight is this (as per the ‘about’ section on their site):

“We talk about the products and items we own, and want to own, all the time. In fact, these discussions influence the buying decisions and taste preferences of ourselves as well as our friends and peers.”

I think they’ve got a point that sites like Amazon & Craigslist have missed a trick when it comes to advocacy & WoM. No-one is really making it easy for peer-to-peer recommendations within a selling environment – which is pretty ludicrous really.

I’m yet to fully get my head around how user-friendly Keepio is, I must say I’m a fan of the concept though.

Manchester United launch social network

Manchester United social network launchesThat’s right – you’re no-one unless you’ve got your own social network these days. Man United – the UK football team (Soccer for Aussies) have announced this week that they will be building their own branded global social network.

From an advocacy perspective it makes sense to create some kind of online platform for their 350 million global supporters & fans. It also appears that they will be using the platform for acquisition purposes having identified a further 310 million people out there with an allegiance to the club.

With 20million fans on their facebook page I wonder what benefits this network will bring to its members? Is it a wise move to traverse away from facebook (where everyone is) and build an external hub? I hope they are not just jumping on the social media bandwagon and building “one of those social network things”. In my opinion technological innovation is great – but it should never drive marketing solutions without a solid strategy behind it.

Apparently the platform is set to host multimedia content and offer advertising & sponsorship opportunities for brands as-well as host the plethora of Man United merch through an e-commerce function (I wonder what will happen to their website? Will this be defunct as the major e-commerce platform?).

All in all It’s great that Man United have recognised the opportunity to build upon their existing advocacy – so “here here!” to that. The verdict will be up to the fans in terms of uptake, and will in my opinion depend on the ‘genuine’ value that they provide via the social network.

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