Taco Bell, ‘put a ring on it’!

Taco Bell put a ring on it

It appears that American fast-food giant Taco Bell has taken advice from Beyoncé to ‘put a ring on it’. The nation-wide Mexican chain showed their appreciation to eight stylish females with ‘quasi-celebrity’ status.

Jozlynn Rush, Social-Media Community Manager and creator of this promo, commented:
“Every day, we get tweets and Facebook posts from consumers asking us to marry them. Our consumers are passionately in love with the brand and want to be in a relationship with us.”

So they decided to make a grand ‘thank you’ gesture.

Taco Bell created and delivered a pack to 8 passionate female fans, including two custom designed rings – handmade with gold wire from Etsy, a $20 Taco Bell voucher and a handwritten note. Chrissy Teigen posted her personalised note:

A wise woman once said, “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” We like you. So we wanted to give you this custom Taco Bell ring. Only a handful of special ladies like yourself are getting this ring, so treasure it. Hopefully, John is okay with our blossoming relationship. You’re funny, cool, and you like Taco Bell.

The girls’ passionate love for the cheap and delicious fast-food chain, matched with their prominent social presence (the girls regularly Tweet & post about their love for the brand), made this advocate project a clear choice for Taco Bell.

The project has sparked a mass of social buzz as pictures and comments began circulating on Twitter and Instagram. With 10.1 million Facebook fans, 500,000 Twitter followers and 100,000 Instagram followers, the impact on Word of Mouth (WoM) for the brand has been huge. Not surprisingly, Taco Bell report that an abundance of fans are now requesting their own customised rings.

Check it out below:

Leah Cecil, Miss California 2012
Kirsten Storms, actress
Jessica Lu, actress

Chrissy Teigen, model
Acacia Brinley
Colleen Ballinger
Kenzy Williams
Alexa Losey




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