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American Express Sync Show

American Express have partnered with social networking site Twitter, awarding discounts for tweets. The credit card giant are targeting their current cardholders, encouraging them to sync their Amex accounts with their Twitter accounts. From here, members are able to enjoy discounts from retailers who have aligned with the promotion.

To score their discount, all members have to do is tweet the ‘special offer’ when purchasing from participating merchants, and Amex will provide their discount via refund, direct to their credit card!

What I love about this campaign is its simplicity, and the fact there are no hidden agendas. It’s as simple as – Promote outlet. Get discount. And of course Amex is at the centre of it all. This straight-forward approach enables current members to access the promotions with ease, and with guaranteed benefit – helping to turn customers into advocates.

Not to mention the promotional support they’ve used to drive this campaign. Amex partnered with Jay-Z to throw a free members-only concert “Amex Sync Show presenting Jay-Z”, streamed live on the Amex YouTube channel.

Couponless discounts have become my favourite new WoM tool. They’re a simple and effective way to get your customers genuinely promoting your brand, spreading WoM through social media, and turning consumers into truly engaged brand advocates.


Marni Nemeny

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