Sony empowers The Vaccines fans

The Vaccines

Sony Music recently launched a social campaign that integrates Instagram to cleverly create an army of passionate advocates.

The campaign gives fans the chance to be part of the creation of a crowd sourced Instagram video for the upcoming single for the band ‘The Vaccines’. Fans can submit photos live at music festivals just by shooting and then tagging through Instagram, which are then pulled into an online gallery showcasing every submitted shot. The photos will then be mused to create the official music video release. For those who aren’t aware, Instagram offers simple photo sharing on your smart phone, providing very faux-retro-images.

This concept actively involves Sony’s fans, gets them shooting and sharing, while empowering them as advocates for the brand. The consumer feels in control and a part of something, harnessing the essence of WoM advocacy. What’s more, this approach ensures the video gets shared by participants who will use it as a form of social kudos and to gain bragging rights when striking up conversations with friends.

It will be interesting to see the how much traction the video will get when its released, as right now there are over 1400 tagged photos and counting!

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