Sony Gets Innovative with Advocates

With not one, but TWO milestone Sony products hitting the market, Contagious joined forces with the innovative people at Sony to launch the first ever SONY (X) Innovation Week.

SONY (X) is a team of one thousand Sony loyalists who express their opinion on Sony products and participate in exclusive opportunities.

SONY (X) Innovation Week Facebook

The week-long celebration centered around Sony’s newest releases – the Sony Personal 3D Viewer and Sony PlayStation Vita. The SONY (X) Facebook page featured as the key platform for the week, with daily posts on little-known historical Sony facts, polls, videos and ‘did you know’ questions all tying in with the two key pillars of the week – Sony and innovation.

The campaign week came to a head with a competition in which Sony (X) members took a picture of the place they wanted to ‘lose themselves’ with a Sony PlayStation Vita or Sony Personal 3D Viewer, posted it to their Facebook page and got their friends to ‘like’ it and make comments. The competition extended the campaign to tier 2 WoM spread with friends of the team engaging with the brand.

Innovation Week united the SONY (X) community and engaged the advocates on a meaningful level by empowering them to share their knowledge and opinions. By celebrating Sony’s innovative past we were able to create a groundswell of positive WoM online about the Sony brand while stimulating excitement about the two upcoming product launches.


Sofie Ehrlich

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Sofie is an Account Executive at Contagious Agency. Sofie likes: food, travel, new things, anything kitsch, stripes, online shopping Sofie dislikes: being out of the loop, being hungry
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