Australia second highest smartphone penetration globally

Google Ipsos smartphone useage increase

Google have released new research in conjunction with Ipsos that shows “Australians are buying more smartphones, faster, than the rest of the world – and they’re using them more too” (Jason Pellegrino, head of mobile ads, Google Australia & Newzealand).

The research involved surveying a sample of 30,000 people across 30 countries worldwide.

Some of the key stats:

  • 37% of Australians currently own a smartphone, only trailing Singapore on this measure, and a total projection to hit 50% by end of 2011
  • 81% of the group used their phone at home in the week before the poll, falling to 66% when on the move
  • 46% used their phone at the same time as watching TV, 33% used it with another web-enabled device and 19% while reading a print title
  • In a normal week, 75% of smartphone users access a search engine via this route – with 40% every day
  • 31% use their smartphones to stream video content
  • 26% of those surveyed had made a purchase through their phone
  • 87% recalled a mobile ad and 33% took action as a result
  • 79% of Australias top advertisers do not yet have a website optimised for mobile

What does this mean from a WoM point of view?

I think we all need to be aware of the diffusion of smartphones in Australia and to ensure this is an element of our WoM strategies moving forward. How can we ensure review options are optimised for the mobile format – how can we ensure there are channels available for people to make recommendations when on the run?

It makes sense that if consumer reviews are essential when it comes to purchase intent – brands need to ensure that consumers have access to make and also read reviews on all platforms on the go.

In terms of consumer advocates – we need to ensure our engagement plans also take into account and encourage mobile reviews to maximise WoM.

As the technology diffuses further, I expect mobile to be a crucial part of the recommendations mix.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

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