Skoda Fabia targets youth and becomes hostel

How do you bring to life the roomy interior of Russia’s biggest small car? Get people living in it for a day. Obviously.

Considering the Skoda Fabia’s fun, youth-oriented target market, BBDO Russia looked to communicate with young Russian holidaymakers, travelling to Moscow for the annual cultural season.

A Skoda Fabia was transformed into a hostel – complete with a double bed, curtains, pillows, and free Wi-Fi. It was parked in a beautiful park in the middle of the city – the perfect overnight stay (and one certainly worth talking about).

Skoda Fabia partnered with travel site and offered the car to Russians looking for hostels in Moscow – popping up on the site alongside legitimate hostels in the area.

No monetary payment was accepted. All that was asked of guests was to make tweets, likes, shares and comments about their stay, during their stay, across their social networks.

This campaign was basically silence-proof. The uniqueness & exclusivity of the experience makes it something consumers will innately want to tell people about – whether they stayed as a guest, or merely saw it in the park.

The car, of course, could be taken for a ride around the city during the guests’ stay, further solidifying advocacy & genuine recommendations for the Skoda Fabia.

Watch the video: Skoda Fabia Hostel




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