Share a Drink With Friends

Pass the BottleSharing a bottle of wine with friends is certainly something most can relate to. Constellation Wines have put this commonality to good use by developing an app that helps people share a virtual bottle. The brand has targeted Facebook users, asking fans to select friends, and ‘pass the bottle’. Once selected, the app matches friends with a bottle of wine from the Constellation range.

Pass the Bottle

The app pairs each friend with a distinct ‘personality’ describing each of the wines on offer. Examples of ‘pairings’ include:

“[friend’s name] is Red, Mysterious and Bold, much like a Rioja Vega”.

Pairings are posted directly to friend’s Facebook walls for all to see.

Pass the Bottle

By creating an app where sharing is central to the mechanic, Constellation Wines can capitalize on generating valuable WoM. Friends will feel a compelling sense of reciprocity once they’ve been involved by others – the WoM element is a key factor here, and the 14,000-person increase in FB Likes is a testament to this. The clever use of ‘personality’ pairings, brings the campaign down to a personal level – ensuring conversations are easily generated around the products and people can relate to them directly.



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