Schweppes Cocktail Revolution hits the road

Cocktail Mail

Back in October, Schweppes launched its Cocktail Revolution with ‘Mix a drink for anyone in the world’ and an interactive set up in Southern Cross station in Melbourne. Now the Cocktail Revolution has hit the streets with Cocktail Mail; an advocacy-led extension of the campaign.

Cocktail Mail takes the idea of sending a drink to someone across the bar, and amplifies it to engage an entire city. Each weekend the ‘Revolution’ goes to the actual home of a Facebook fan, who has entered via the Facebook fan page for their chance at receiving a delivery. The delivery comes via custom motorbikes accompanied by mixing experts. Lucky participants get a cocktail mixed of their choice, are educated on the Cocktail Revolution and receive supplies to keep the party going. Before the team moves on, the participant must choose the next person to send the Cocktail Mail onto, resulting in a chain mail of cocktails spurred by brand advocates. Video content and photos are uploaded on the Schweppes Facebook page, including a map so fans can follow the Revolution.

The relationship Schweppes establishes with their advocates builds grassroots WoM by engaging fans in a memorable and community centered way. Bringing the brand to the consumer in this offline capacity, allows Schweppes to create true advocates out of Facebook fans. Nice work we think!



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