Proliphiq: new social influence tool powered by the people

Prolifiq Influence Tool

What’s this? Not another social influence tool I hear you cry! Before you turn your back on ‘yet another social analytics platform’ I urge you to spend some time getting to know newcomer Proliphiq.

What’s different about this one then?

I asked myself the same question – and there’s actually a few major points of difference that could see Proliphiq (currently in private Beta testing stage) earn it’s spot on the main stage.

The tool isn’t bound by a complex algorithm created by a team of techies somewhere – instead it relies on the power of the people to determine influence. So the suggestions & opinions of Proliphiq’s user-base along with statistical analysis power the influence score. The three key metrics they use are 1) engagement, 2) credibility and 3) audience.

What I like about Proliphique is that it’s powered by the people. CEO Adam Roozen puts it nicely when he says:

“We believe that there are fallacies in the existing services that are out there and we believe the people should be in control.”

User reviews including sentiment, personality & tone are all taken into account when it comes to scoring. This means that they might just have cracked one of the hard to open ‘influencer’ nuts. That old chestnut where we debate ‘Can someone be influential across multiple categories?’. We’ve discussed this issue before in our valuing consumer influencers research and in my opinion there’s no such thing as one ‘type’ of influencer – people tend to be influential about specific topics or categories that they are passionate about and while it is possible for someone to have more than one passion – it’s pretty rare that someone can simply be ‘influential about everything’. For example – I’m not influential when it comes to cars. I don’t drive, I don’t know anything about cars really other than to differentiate them by ‘what looks good’. All my friends & social networks know this about me therefore the likelihood of any of them coming to me for advice on cars is very slim. Take the topic of chilli sauce though and I could be considered to be influential. Everyone knows I am a chilli addict and therefore should someone want a recommendation on what the hottest chilli’s are to eat – I could answer it in a nanosecond (scotch bonnet & habenero in case you’re wondering).

The point is that Proliphiq have taken this into consideration and you have the option to search for influencers via topic which is a step forward in the world of influencer campaigns.

Here’s an overview of other interesting Proliphiq features:

  • Users can search for the most popular topics as-well as influencers based on topic
  • Users can ‘follow’ others and make comparisons against their own profiles to determine who is the most influential
  • Users have the ability to rank people based on a whole host of personality traits such as ‘witty’ vs. ‘creative’ as-well as rating content for ‘quality’ and ‘originality’
  • Users can claim their own influence over a topic (for example I could claim the topic of chilli’s) – however the community has the option to override me if they don’t believe me to be influential when it comes to chilli’s (parallels to Wikipedia here)

What’s great about this tool is that it provides a platform for those influencers that are looking to be found – such as bloggers & consumer enthusiasts who can claim their own ‘topics of influence’.

Proliphiq currently have a whopping user base of over 12million and are still only in beta phase – they are currently planning an official launch in October. It might be time for Klout and PeerIndex to move over – there’s a newcomer in town and it’s powered by the people.

You can sign up here to register to take part in the Beta phase and check it out for yourself.

Zoe Boalch

About Zoe Boalch

Zoë Boalch is co-founder of Contagious Agency. Zoë likes: hot chili, yoga, learning new stuff, positive people, taking risks Zoë dislikes: naysayers, grumpy people, rather large egos
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