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I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest for a while now. For someone who processes information in a very visual way (ahem me), Pinterest ticks all the boxes. From a WoM perspective what interests me about it is not that it’s UGC-led (isn’t everything these days) – but that it makes sharing really, really easy.

The concept: users share images/links they find interesting or inspiring, images become ‘Pins’ that are placed on ‘Board’s’ that can be customised.

How people share: ‘Pins’ can then be ‘Repinned’ by other users to their own pin boards as-well as to personal Facebook & Twitter profiles (cue WoM opportunity).

Being hailed by some as “the breakout social network for 2012”, Pinterest is driving more traffic than Google+ with a 329% increase from September-December 2011, and a whopping 7.21 million users.

From an advocacy perspective Pinterest is all about ‘sharing & documenting passions’ – so you could almost look at it as a bespoke channel for advocacy.

As the site has organically grown since it’s launch 2 years ago, brands are predictably starting to take note and the early adopter brands have started to effectively use Pinterest to drive sales. Reports have shown that five specialty apparel retailers have raised same-store referral traffic by 289% from July to December 2011 purely through use of Pinterest.

Traffic can be driven to specific product pages on the website allowing users to share Pins on Facebook and Twitter.

It will be interesting to see how brands start to use Pinterest as a platform for advocacy – will they form new communities or tap into existing ones? How will the loyal user-base react to commercial brands stepping into what is currently a very organic, consumer-led community?

With SOPA not long dead in the water I wonder how online piracy may affect a site like Pinterest? The concept is purely based on ‘sharing things found on the web’ – what legal implications does this have for users and also the site its-self and how will brands sidestep this?

One thing is for sure, with their recent valuation of $200million and confirmation of $37million in funding last year it will be fascinating to see how Pinterest matures over the next year or so.

Words don’t do it for you? Here’s a Pinterest infographic for the visual-processers:

Is Pinterest the Next Social Commerce Game Changer?“>

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