Pass It On with Nokia

Nokia have launched a new, unique experiment that goes beyond social photography, as we know it.

Nokia’s #PASSITON campaign sees 30 Nokia Lumia 1020’s be sent to 30 cities around the world. Within each city the phone is passed between 10 people; each person takes 10 photos of their favourite city haunts, hidden downtown gems and local urban secrets, before passing it on to someone new. What’s exciting is that no one knows who the next recipient of the phone will be, and all images are uploaded to the Nokia microsite for the world to see.

There is without doubt an element of risk (and subsequent fail) for the campaign due to the possibility that the 30 phones could easily befall the pockets of 30 phone-less thieves who hit a Nokia jackpot and quickly end the experiment…however, so far, so good!

The uniqueness of the campaign lies in its dual-mechanic of sharing both online and offline. Unlike most digital, social media campaigns to date, Nokia’s Pass It On experiment takes sharing offline into the real world, person-to-person, before elevating it back into an online space.

From a WOM perspective, the campaign is significant in driving brand affinity through mobile-savvy, socially active and engaged participants. Neither Nokia, nor Havas Worldwide Helsinki, are involved in the progress of the campaign once the phones have reached the hands of the public, yet they have produced a forward-thinking execution which results in cool street photos of the world for the world!

Visit the Nokia website for more info on this campaign.

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