Orange keep me cool campaign

While it’s winter over here, our fellow Brits are roasting away during the hot Summer months or should I say weeks… Loveable Telco, Orange have launched a creative social/WoM campaign called ‘keep me cool’ that sees them delivering free ice creams to those in need of refreshment.

But there’s a twist. How do you claim your free ice cream? You’re encouraged to tweet your postcode and the postcodes with the most tweets get a visit from the Orange Ice cream van.

This is a great campaign that has WoM at it’s core and stimulates discussion in a unique & creative way. What I like about it the most is that it encourages you to rally up your friends/neighbours/work colleagues to join together in one mission, thus creating natural community waves of WoM & buzz. You can always count on Orange to get it right – nice job guys.

Nick Law

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Nick Law is the Managing Director and co-founder of Contagious Agency. Nick likes: entrepreneurs, grand cru wine, new opportunities, travel, underground music, texas hold em, exciting technology Nick dislikes: boredom, man utd, grey skies, conformity, fictional books, small minds, negativity
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