Monster’s global drive for engagement with #FindBetter

monster.com_#FindBetter the worldwide leader in connecting people to job opportunities, has introduced a new marketing and PR campaign, #FindBetter. The Media Relations and PR team at Monster WorldWide understand the importance of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) as an effective marketing solution and this is what #FindBetter is derived from.

It encapsulates the pay it forward system, where when you receive a good deed you then deliver three good deeds to others and send the good karma on. This is designed to help those in a job “funk” i.e underemployed, unemployed or seeking their next advancement.

Kathy O’Reilly, Monster’s Senior Director of Media Relations and PR, describes the intent of #FindBetter as realistic, personal, relevant and to act as a guide to finding a better job.

This campaign is a combination of television and social media, with added emphasis on creating a solid forum via Twitter and Facebook. With the strong virality of this campaign, Monster initiated #FindBetter Wednesday, a blog post consisting of the top tips sourced from Facebook and Twitter. It’s become such a hit that #FindBetter Wednesday is included in the weekly email newsletter and this alone has increased engagement exponentially.

The stats show that within the first month of #FindBetter, Facebook reach increased by 18% and People Talking About This (PTAT) increased by 16%. Twitter reach and retweets have also grown and global interaction is consistently illustrating strong activity.

Through the immediate success from this campaign, it is evident that WOMM is an effective strategy to increase engagement via social platforms. The way Monster WorldWide has captured this through #FindBetter is an excellent example of WOMM working it’s magic.

If you would like to watch Kathy O’Reilly’s full presentation on #FindBetter, click here.

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