Marmite asks fans to ‘spread the love’


Unilever-owned Marmite has created a number of different Valentine’s Day cards, available to those who are fans on Facebook, asking them to ‘spread the love’ on Valentines Day. The brand are encouraging those who ‘like’ their page, to send a card to loved ones in their social networks.

Featuring the messages: ‘I need you in my life,’ ‘spread the love,’ and ‘let’s get together,’ the cards have been created by artist and long-time Marmite advocate Pete Fowler. The cards can be sent via an application on the Marmite Facebook page, with the potential to personalize the message on each card.


Marmite has come up with a cute and quirky way to engage it’s fans, and encouraged WoM spread with a strong positive message. The campaign helps to bring Marmite into a personal relationship between fans and those in their social networks. Marmite have recognised the strength of sending out a brand message via an existing advocate – making the message resonate more genuinely with those receiving it. This, coupled with its subtle and unique branding of the cards, adds to the power of the message and the campaign as a whole.


Marni Nemeny

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