Lynx live life in the fast lane

Lynx: Fast Life campaign
Take one of the most creative global brands and mix it with an ingenious personalized BIG SOCIAL IDEA and what do you get?

An innovative, refreshing campaign that actually uses the best bits social has to offer.

The concept:

It’s 2012 and the world is about to end. But it’s OK because the Lynx fast life allows you to live the rest of your unlived life right now!

The campaign sees you connecting on Facebook and takes you through a timeline of your life in video footage. Where this gets clever is by pulling all of your Facebook photos into the video so real friends pop up to form part of your story.

Working with the insight ‘flattery gets you everywhere’ the video starts off by positioning the viewer as the hero with footage of adoring girls and endless media coverage of the viewers general ‘awesomeness’ – what red blooded male wouldn’t want to see that play out?

Nice one Droga 5 & Lynx – can’t fault this campaign from a shareability perspective (as a female I would have liked to see a version for the ladies – but I guess us ladies aren’t the target market hey :-)

Check it out here


Zoe Boalch

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Zoë Boalch is co-founder of Contagious Agency. Zoë likes: hot chili, yoga, learning new stuff, positive people, taking risks Zoë dislikes: naysayers, grumpy people, rather large egos
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    I would like to show my appreciation by commenting and stumble it :)

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