Little fan makes big impact

Last year, a three year old girl wrote in to UK supermarket Sainsbury’s to let them know that she thought their ‘Tiger Bread” looked far more like “Giraffe Bread” due to the colouring and shape of it’s crust.

The girl’s letter was received by the customer management team, who agreed with her, and offered her a £3 Sainsbury’s voucher as a thankyou for her suggestion.

Their response was candid and genuine – highlighting the ‘real’ people behind the brand, and positioning Sainsbury’s in a particularly positive light.

Excited by the response from Sainsburys, the little girls mother posted the letters on her blog and the word started to spread. Facebook groups and news articles popped up, supporting the name change, and at the time of writing, this one post had over 156,000 likes and nearly 50,000 shares! Chris King, Sainsburys’ customer service manager even had a Facebook fan page created for him, and a Wikipedia entry for Tiger bread was created. This massive response illustrates the true strength of the brand advocate – the reach they can achieve, and the movement they can create. It also demonstrates the importance of brands listening to their customer base and the dramatic effect just one blogger can have when it comes to consumer word of mouth. Bravo Sainsbury’s for responding with such respect for your customers and demonstrating just how much you value their opinions!



Marni Nemeny

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