It Doesn’t Count If It’s KFC

I’m guilty.

Guilty of pigging out, eating copious amounts of food and justifying my bad actions thanks to really lame excuses. And KFC have cleverly exposed this train of thought thanks to the launch of their first social media campaign that aims to primarily change women’s (and men’s) perception of the brand.

So how does KFC do this? The ‘It Doesn’t Count If’ campaign encourages people to share moments or situations via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when unhealthy and high calorie foods will not contribute heavily towards their food intake. The cheeky and playful video alongside the encouragement of sharing through these social media platforms has created a light-hearted online community (hashtag #itdoesntcountif on Instagram) through ‘It Doesn’t Count If’.

What I love about this campaign is that KFC have engaged consumers on a personal level by incorporating WoM in their first social media campaign by creating those easily relatable stories that provoke consumers to share the campaign and experiences. Also, the use of tongue-in-cheek brand stories & getting consumers involved through sharing, will engage consumers to perceive KFC’s brand as more fun, playful and personable. This combination of key aspects will create a more positive brand perception of KFC amongst their key female target market.

It doesn't count if it's KFC

As a consumer of KFC myself, I have previously lied to my health-conscious friends in telling them I picked a nice, healthy salad over some greasy, delicious chicken and chips! But after viewing this clever and amazing campaign, I have laughed, giggled and related to the stories and excuses that other people have created with when it comes to eating unhealthily.

I’m now proud to accept that KFC will be there in times when those unavoidable cravings arise. Love your work (and food), KFC!


Ben Gleeson

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Ben likes: board game nights with friends, rekorderlig cider, thai food, hitting the beach on hot, summer days. Ben dislikes: cold winter nights, being sick, missing out on parties & events.
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