Kawasaki enchants his readers

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki recently published his new book: Enchantment. Considering the book is all about how to influence, you’d assume he had a pretty good ‘influencer strategy’ to launch. And you’d assume right. Here’s how he did it:

1.    Way in advance of publishing his book he engaged his fanbase in conversation. He empowered them to choose the front cover of his book and kept them informed about every decision he made in relation to the book. He started off by announcing he would use the above ‘butterfly in a picture frame’ as the book’s front cover and then initiated discussion by carrying the framed butterfly with him everywhere he went and posting photos of him and the frame to generate WoM.

Guy Kawasaki Butterfly

2.    Instead of taking a traditional approach and only seeding his book to a small number of highly influential consumers (bloggers, journalists, celebs etc), Guy seeded his book to more than 1600 consumers and very quickly generated 100s of reviews simultaneously creating a wave of buzz in online social media. By influencing a critical mass he was able to stimulate a grassroots movement at the user level.

What’s clever about Guy’s strategy is that he a) embraced his key fanbase early on cementing a key group of loyalists to support the launch of his book and b) he recognized that ALL consumers now have the power to influence and the importance of engaging a critical mass of people to stimulate buzz simultaneously in social media.

Zoe Boalch

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