Kapture the Heart of Advocacy

Rewarding advocacy is nothing new. Loyalty programs have been in the works for years, encouraging dedicated customers to purchase more product based on brand benefits. But how to take this traditional, linear concept, and turn it into a Word of Mouth Marketing strategy? Kapture have dipped their toes into the ‘brand advocacy’ pool, and developed a tool that ignites organic conversation, literally at the touch of a button.


Their newly launched branded i-Phone app drives Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM) and rewards advocates for their actions. This Instagram-esque iPhone app encourages users to take photos of brand ‘moments’ in exchange for product benefits. Brands identify what they’d like photos taken of (like a cool shop front, or a dish from a restaurant) and users, who have access to these locations, can snap them and upload to their social networks. In terms of brand benefits, incentives for taking photos are provided in the form of discounts, physical goods or other brand-related rewards. These can be either redeemed instantly or saved for later. With the vast proliferation of photos in social media, we definitely think they’re on to something here… what do you think?


Marni Nemeny

About Marni Nemeny

Marni is a Business Director at Contagious. Marni Likes: reading restaurant reviews, creative brainstorms, Pictionary and keeping things simple Marni Doesn't Like: stop-overs, being bored, missing out on the NEXT BIG THING, yoghurt covered sultanas
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