Instagram ads, Speed Reading and new Yovo app

Waitrose, Starbucks and Cadbury among first advertisers on Instagram

Instagram has partnered with Omnicom Media Group to roll out the highly anticipated sponsored ad unit in users’ Instagram feeds.  Similar to Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored photos & videos now appear in the main user feed. Users have the chance to hide the ads that they deem inappropriate and provide feedback to block similar ads from showing up in the future.  Starbucks, Waitrose and Cadbury are among the first brands to start using the new ad feature with Ian Cranna, vice-president of marketing and category at Starbucks EMEA saying “We remain committed to being at the forefront of digital innovation, so it’s great to partner with Instagram on this launch, enabling us to reach more of our customers in genuine ways and via such a relevant platform.”

Slow reader? Speed up with new RSVP software

Cellcom have released an exciting new banner that enables people to read faster and quicker using RSVP (Rapid, Serial, Visual, Presentation) technology. Introducing The Speed Reading Banner: designed to increase the number of words people can read from a paltry 180 to a mahusive 400 words per minute! How does it work? Well 80% of reading time is wasted on left to right eye movement so this piece of technology simply shows the user one word at a time.

New Yovo app scrambles screenshots

Launched on Wednesday this week, Yovo is a new alternative to Snapchat that allows users to send photos that are only viewed for a short period of time. The idea is that you remove the danger of sending images that could be preserved on someone else’s phone (and used as blackmail at a later date!) So how is Yovo different to Snapchat? Instead of disabling the images, Yovo utilizes some smart technology that obscures the picture with a virtual fence if someone tries to take a screenshot. The D-fence privacy technology works by placing a fast moving filter that flickers over the picture distorting it from view. Check out the demo video here >>YOVO DEMO.

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