Highland Park Whisky Engage Influencer Marketing Strategy

highland park whiskyScottish whisky producers Highland Park recently launched their new product ‘Dark Origins’ with the help of an Influencer Marketing Strategy.

Engaging influencers from the creative and drinks sector, the campaign paired Dark Origins with craft beers and saw people such as Chris Messina (inventor of the hash tag) jumping on board to show their support.

Influencers were invited along to an exclusive launch event and even asked to man the official Highland Park Instagram account.

The campaign saw Highland Park “engaging with influencers who had not only a very large social following, but a following that was in line with who we wanted to reach.”

By engaging young, tech savvy influencers, who were paid for their participation in the campaign, Highland Park were able to create a grassroots buzz about new ‘Dark Origins’. With an impressive 8,240 likes & 560,400 impressions garnered across the influencers own channels as-well as the @HighlandParkOfficial, this campaign demonstrated how a well thought out influencer strategy can be a vital part of an NPD launch.

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