Guitar Center & DJ Zedd Launch Social Media Contest ‘Cover Me’


With the growing popular demand of audio streaming platforms, such as SoundCloud and Beatport, Guitar Center looked to harness this new found accessibility by teaming up with Grammy Award winning artist, DJ Zedd, and launching a social media based contest named ‘Cover Me’.

The contest asks musicians to upload their remixes or covers of Zedd’s smash hit ‘I Want You to Know’ where each submitted track will be ranked based upon their social engagement and fan/follower growth through social engagement platform, Amplifier. Zedd will judge only those tracks that place in the top 150 where he will eventually pick the final winner.

The contest boasts an enviable prize which includes: studio time with DJ Zedd himself, a meeting with Interscope Records, a mentoring session with Zedd’s management group Blood Company, a feature story in various DJ magazines, a VIP experience at the Nocturnal Wonderland Festival, new equipment and gear from Pioneer, GoPro, 8DM, Native Instruments, QSC and Roland plus $10,000 cash.

The campaign site has already garnered 5,400 different artist channels around the globe, which illustrates the way in which brands can harness the power of an influencer and the passions of their audience to drive social engagement through value exchange.


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