Fans Go Gaga on Twitter

Gaga Twitter CampaignLady Gaga recently released her highly anticipated album ’ArtPop’, but with an unexpected twist. Gaga has always launched with a bang and this album is no exception.

The cover of new album ‘ArtPop’ was revealed in sections on Clear Channel screens all over the world and revealed only when fans tweeted the hashtag ‘iHeartARTPOP’. Over the course of just 30 minutes live tweets were broadcast via the artwork image as it was gradually revealed, section by section.

There are two things we love about this campaign: 1) the integration of outdoor with mobile & social and 2) the focus on rewarding advocates for their support via Twitter. GO GAGA.

Zoe Boalch

About Zoe Boalch

Zoë Boalch is co-founder of Contagious Agency. Zoë likes: hot chili, yoga, learning new stuff, positive people, taking risks Zoë dislikes: naysayers, grumpy people, rather large egos
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