Facebook Launch ‘Gifts’

Facebook Gifts
It’s finally happened.

You can now purchase physical products directly through the global juggernaut that is Facebook.

Facebook have recently launched an e-commerce arm, called ‘Facebook gifts’. Taking their ‘virtual’ gift shop idea (where you could purchase and send friends ‘virtual gifts such as a ‘teddy bear’) a bit further, they now offer the sale of tangible gifts for your nearest and dearest.

Taking a leaf out of Amazon’s book, Facebook are helpfully suggesting gifts to tie in with friend’s birthdays, weddings and other important gift-worthy events or ‘life moments’ as they call them.

Not so helpfully (for your friends), instead of asking you (the gift purchaser) for a delivery address, Facebook instantly notify your friend (the gift recipient) and ask them to detail not only where they would like their own gift sent, but also if they would like to change the size, colour or flavour of their gift, if they’re not overly excited by what was chosen for them. Somewhat takes the surprise out of the whole experience if you ask me!
Facebook Gifts Process

In-case you’re wondering, yes Facebook will be taking a slice of the price and earn a percentage of all sales via their site.

From 27th September, Starbucks, Uber cabs, Warby Parker glasses and products from over 100 other partners can be purchased (only in the U.S.) online or via mobile for friends who’ll receive them as digital gift cards or physical shipments. If you’re feeling particularly generous you can even treat yourself to a gift via Facebook.

It goes without saying that there is a huge opportunity for brands to jump on board and start selling where the people are: on Facebook. Not such a happy time for the big e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay & Etsy who may feel the pinch as people start to use the new service.

I wonder if we’ll see a natural evolution where people will soon be able to recommend products with direct sales links to each other over Facebook? This could be very interesting from a WoM perspective…

Facebook Gifts launched in the U.S and will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks.

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