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Ever wished you had a friend with you while picking out clothes to buy online?  Need people to let you know if it’s a yay or nay? has created the ultimate crowdsourced double-checker. A website that helps you ask friends what they think of an item of clothing you’re looking to purchase online.

We take friends shopping and rely heavily on their opinions and recommendations. recognizes the importance of these recommendations, and brings this convenience online.

The truth is, clothes shopping online isn’t the most effective way to buy. You’re generally alone at your desk while checking out potential purchases, and it can be hard to decide on items. Yes, the model looks great in that outfit, but for most, this isn’t the best indicator. has made it particularly easy for friends to pass on their recommendations in regards to one of your potential purchases. When deciding on an item of clothing, all you need to do is drop the URL of the clothing page into your profile page. Images and a title are pulled in automatically – enabling you to pick and choose exactly which ones you want your friends to be looking at. You then upload a pic of yourself and voilà! You’re ready to send the page link on to friends, or post of Facebook or Twitter.

Crowdsourcing Website

suitts me facebook post

The page is very clean and simple, with buttons stating “YES” and “NO” in response to the question “Does it suit me?”. Friend’s responses are updated in real time to ensure a speedy collation of data (and speedy clothing purchases).

Thanks to our social networks, we can now ‘crowdsource’ through an endless supply of varying recommendations and suggestions. ‘Crowdsourcing’ in general has become a major trend, not only for the individual asking their Facebook friends which movie to see this Friday night, but for the huge multinationals as well. P&G, Google and Sony are all employing crowdsourcing to ensure they maintain closeness to their customers (it also helps significantly with cost efficiency). This massive shift in trend highlights just how relevant and important recommendations and customer opinion are in today’s consumer landscape.

We wouldn’t be surprised if’s kind of real-time crowdsourcing didn’t become a fundamental feature of any online-purchasing site. Recent research into the relevance of a recommendation before purchase highlights a considerable shift in the current consumer journey – potential customers are now looking to reviews and recommendations of products prior to purchase. Building these kinds of recommendation-led applications would enable additional advertising for companies (who could brand their applications being shared on Facebook), and would reflect an understanding of consumer needs, while generating word of mouth on social networks.

I wonder which brand will pick this up first in the Australian market?!

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