Cash-Mobbing: Igniting People Power

Cash Mobbing
One of my favourite (seemingly obvious) benefits of the concept of word of mouth is that messages are only shared if they’re worth-while. We spend a lot of time educating clients & the industry that the strength of advocates centers around valuable and relevant (brand) messages that friends & social networks are keen to get on board with, and share…and share again!

Enter Cash Mobbing. The ultimate in the art in IGNITING PEOPLE POWER! Cash Mobbing is a new-ish initiative developed in response to the steady decline in local businesses’ revenue. Cash mobbing involves a group of like-minded individuals coming together (often across Facebook an other social networking sites), targeting a local store, and SPENDING with that store across a specified day. The idea is revenue is boosted significantly and the store has a better chance to stay afloat in the not-so-stable US economy.

Credit card giant Amex has sat up to take notice of this mob-fuelled philanthropy and offered their services in the form of a $25 credit at each targeted store. Talk about a conversation starter! This kind of campaign not only builds advocacy for Amex, but the local store too, as well as highlighting the importance of supporting local businesses during hard times.


Marni Nemeny

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