Cadbury Visualise your State of Chocolate-Happiness with the Joy Jacket

Cadbury have enlisted influential UK bloggers to push their ongoing marketing campaign, ‘Joyville’, with their latest execution, the ‘Joy Jacket’.

Commissioned by PR agency Golin Harris, and developed by Hirsch&Mann, the Joy Jacket has been created to promote the Cadbury + Daim and Cadbury + Oreo chocolate ranges. It is a piece of wearable technology, designed to reflect the state of happiness and joy which will be experienced by the wearer when they bite in to a piece of the new Cadbury chocolate.

In an amusing fashion (pun intended..!), when the jacket-wearer bites into the chocolate, the jacket responds and lights up; flashes, flares, accordions bursting from the shoulders, a blinking heartbeat, music…confetti…you name it, the jacket does it!

The Joy Jacket is certainly worth talking about and Golin Harris have been clever in their consideration of utilising influential bloggers to spread the word, fuelling conversations which promote the campaign.

Although perhaps not the most practical item of clothing, the Joy Jacket certainly reflects the essence of the ‘Joyville’ campaign, while at the same time increasing market competition with a creative, out-of-the-box concept that promotes the power of blogging in the effectiveness of brand awareness.

Watch a video here:


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