Bud Light Recognises Change in Traditional Marketing Model

It’s now broadly accepted that the traditional marketing model has changed. Most of us are familiar with the classic awareness > interest > desire > action consumer path from which so many marketing campaigns have been derived.

However, a new marketing age is upon us, making this once-linear journey overtly complex.

Social media & over saturation of advertising in the market has brought us here, and it’s an exciting new time for almost all brands.

And while most of us are able to recognize this new model, it’s quite another thing for marketers & their agencies to actively & drastically change their traditional marketing behaviours (the very behaviours that have driven their success!) to suit this new landscape. But when they do take this step, the level of positive impact often mirror the level of drastic change that’s taken place.

One such brand that has made this commitment to adapt is Bud Light. Bud Light have focused on the impact that building brand advocacy can make on the bottom line. Word of mouth & brand connections are highly important factors in converting sales in this new landscape.

Bud Light launched a campaign celebrating how their fans were always “up for whatever”. They helped to facilitate those types of experiences by taking over the town of Crested Brute (pop. 1,500) & turning it into Whatever, USA.


Marni Nemeny

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