Birds Eye Connect With Consumers Through Exchange of Social Currency

Birds Eye, the frozen food brand in the United Kingdom, recently launched a pop-up store in London, which allowed customers to pay for their food simply by taking a photo of it.

Birds Eye wanted to build their brand across social media and were able to make a connection with consumers following research, which outlined that 52% of diners “foodstagram”. The brand discovered this insight and leveraged it in their marketing strategy, creating a way to promote the two new items on their menu.

All that the diners at the pop-up restaurant had to do, to pay for their food, was take a photo of their meal on Instagram and tag #BirdsEyeInspirations.

By humanising their brand and focusing on an insight which drove consumers to their pop-up restaurant, Birds Eye were able to monetise through social currency and connect with consumers who they otherwise might not have reached. The brand was able to convert consumers and switch detracting purchasers by targeting them in a way that appealed to their interests.

The campaign, which was part of Birds Eye’s “Food of Life” activation, used social media to capture attention and offer social value to consumers, subsequently creating word of mouth and increasing affinity with a brand that the foodstagrammers might not otherwise have looked at sampling.


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