Best room mate ever!

Best Room Mate Ever

I love it when the consumer takes control. That’s just what Wade Cothran did last week when he posted an ad on Craigslist declaring himself as ‘the best room mate ever’. Picked up by the Huffington Post and more importantly Ashton Kutcher who decided to endorse the ad on his own personal Twitter profile, Wade has now amassed over 13,000 Twitter followers all eager to hear why he’s the best roommate.

After having no luck finding a roommate the conventional way (via your standard ‘roommate wanted’ ads), Cothran changed tack and decided a more direct approach via Twitter might pay off. You can see how his tweets about why he’s the best roomy ever have been generating a bit of discussion…

It’s 3am. You’re shit-faced and locked out of the apartment? Guess who’s still up making nachos? Yup

Lost your job? Don’t f%#king sweat it! Spark up these greenies. I just bought a Super Nintendo.

Car died and late for a date? Use mine! I just waxed it so you can hit a sweet hood-slide to impress the shit out of her

Only one glass of orange juice left in the container? F%#k it. I’ll pour it for you AND take the carton to recycling.

Brands take note – there’s a lot we can learn from our fellow consumers when it comes to ‘creative’ social campaign ideas that will generate WoM discussion ;)

You can check out Wade’s Tweets for yourself here


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  1. YES! I finally found this web page! i have been looking just for this write-up for so long!!

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