Basketball (and brand advocacy) Never Stops

No more pro basketball in The States means no more sponsor promotions right? Wrong. The NBA in the States remains on total lockdown while it’s players and team owners make nice over league revenues. Meanwhile, Nike is working the hiatus to its advantage with it’s Basketball Never Stops campaign on Facebook.

Social Basketball campaignWhile players sit this one out, Nike asks its fans to show them “what makes basketball live” for them. Fans are encouraged to upload videos/photos/tweets to show Nike how truly passionate they are about the game (and Nike). Winners will receive a ‘surprise’ from the best players on the court – ensuring some serious quality to the entries.

Basketball Facebook campaign

WoM-wise, the campaign’s a goldmine, with the brand embedding a “people talking about” basketball tracker right in the middle of the page (133,790 at time of writing). Pushing it even further, rotating trackers count individual player comments too. I’m no b-ball fan, but this definitely hits the emotional chord, and gets me geared up to watch a game (or buy some Nike).

Marni Nemeny

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