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Ahalogy (formerly Pingage) is a new startup riding on the coat-tails of image based social media giant Pinterest. Similar to what Buddy Media did for Facebook, Ahalogy offers brands a streamlined way to manage content, followers and fans. Surprisingly, Pinterest has not been given a warm welcome by brands, who are still trying to understand how they can use the platform to deliver marketing results.

Pinterest’s demographic is a word of mouth marketing dream – targeting mainly 18 – 35 year old women and mums in particular. With people posting pics of everything from pumpkin soup through to their favorite pair of heels – the opportunity for image-led conversations is huge.

Pinterest content differs to other social media content in that it has the highest sharing stats – 80% of all pinned images are re-pins (and have been re-shared with others). You’d think this would entice brands to share more content on the platform, however there has been a slow uptake. Perhaps this is due to the perceived amount of content required to make a dent – Ahalogy believes brands should post 15 – 30 pins daily to start gaining any traction. It’s highly likely that this amount of content is perceived as too much of an investment for brands in the current climate. Until brands start developing centralized content strategies across their businesses I can see this throwing a spanner in the works.

Ahalogy has recently signed with two P&G brands for pilot projects so watch this space.





A new social network aimed at tech professionals recently launched in Beta phase. Solaborate provides a platform for tech professionals to share documents and presentations, publish questions, attend online conferences and generally connect.  The idea is to ‘create an ecosystem around products and services’.

Solaborate CEO Labinot Bytyqi commented: “There are a lot of places on the internet where you can share information or network with others, but you can’t collaborate in real time. By incorporating the best of social media, then taking it a step further, Solaborate makes it easy to share relevant content from a central platform with peers, colleagues, vendors and customers. We are building a community around products and services, all in one dedicated place for technology professionals.”

Solaborate launched with a $1,000,000+ investment from angel investors. Does the world need yet another social network? I’m not convinced.

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