ADVOCACY: Chokablok full of rewards


You know people are going to love your new product – it’s fricking fantastic. Only problem is, only a few have heard of it, and everyone else is in love with your competitor’s products.

Common problem? Absolutely. Solution? Advocacy sampling.

Premium UK ice cream brand Chokablok was excited to launch their new range across Tesco stores. Brand managers were confident ice-cream lovers would be automatic converts once they’d trialed the product, but how to get it into the right people’s hands? Enter WoM agency BuzzAgents. They identified 5,000 luxury ice-cream fans who were not yet loyal to any particular brand. These fans were highly social & ready to discuss their opinions with friends & social networks. Once recruited, advocates were sent Chokablok packs including a range of goodies specifically designed to get advocates excited, and give them something to discuss and share with their friends!

Not only did the pack provide participants with vouchers for full-sized samples, they offered five £1 discount vouchers to share with friends to extend reach of trial. They also included a range of fun & interesting facts for advocates to share with friends while generating conversation & recommendations both on and offline.

The campaign saw 570,000 online recommendations generated, 14.7% uplift in sale percentage, outstanding ROI (£2.59 for every £1 spent), and a 63% coupon redemption (that’s 18,900 products trialed!)

Simple campaigns like this one which offer a strong CTA and high value for advocates are what we see working for clients time and time again. They’re hugely affective in driving trial and raising awareness among the right target audience.


Marni Nemeny

About Marni Nemeny

Marni is a Business Director at Contagious. Marni Likes: reading restaurant reviews, creative brainstorms, Pictionary and keeping things simple Marni Doesn't Like: stop-overs, being bored, missing out on the NEXT BIG THING, yoghurt covered sultanas
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